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Qi Coil™ Quick Start Guide

Welcome to the Qi Coil™ Quick Start Guide. This guide will help you get up and running with your new Qi Coil™ in no time. We've included everything you need to know to set up and start using your Qi Coil™, let's get started!

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Qi Coil™ Aura System User Guide

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Resonant Wand™ User Guide

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Qi Tones™ System User Guide

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QI LITE™ Red Light Therapy User Guide

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Resonant Console Quick Start Guide

Get started on your meditation journey with our easy-to-follow quick start guide for the Resonant Console. Learn how to set up and use the app to find and customize your meditation playlist. Discover the benefits of meditation and find inner peace.

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How to Connect Qi Coil™ Max to Resonant Console and Powerkit with Stand

Please watch these videos:. https://youtu.be/QGFlkQCAijs. https://qilifestore.com/blogs/videos-and-tutorials/connect-qi-coil-max-to-resonant-console-and-powerkit-with-stand

Qi Life Retreat - What's the nearest airport?

The nearest airport is YVR Vancouver International Airport.

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