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Gem Lasers FAQ

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What’s the Difference Between Gem Laser 1, 2 and 3?

Gem Laser 2 has slightly better light refraction, improved ergonomic design and a recessed screw locking mechanism that keeps the gem caps on the laser.  Gem laser 1’s gem caps can be kept in place with the hand during use or simply with a little sco

Are cold lasers safe? Do they produce any heat?

Cold lasers are a safe and non-invasive way of penetrating the skin without producing heat. Although energy is produced, it doesn’t give any sensation of heat on the area being focused on and it should not give any form of discomfort.

What are tachyons?

Tachyons are particles that always travel faster than light. Its existence has been long postulated, and successful experiments are available to the public (but suppressed) to confirm its existence. Watch this documentary on the details of these expe

How can you do acupuncture without needles? How do I stimulate my pressure points, acupoints, energy centers, chakras, kundalini with gem lasers?

The Tachyon energy is concentrated and focused on a specific area, much like a needle does during acupuncture. This form of light therapy generates no heat so there’s no pain or discomfort, while providing all the benefits of traditional acupuncture.

What is the Power Output Rating of the Lasers?

Green: 20 mW. Blue: 20 mW. Red: 100 mW

Will the lasers hurt my eyes?

As a precaution, please do not point the laser directly or near your eyes. Every person’s eye tolerates light differently and directly pointing the laser in your eye may have unintended effects. As an added level of protection, we suggest getting the

How do I open my third eye, or activate my pineal gland and pituitary gland with gem lasers?

Your pineal gland, or third eye, is photo-sensitive. That is why when you point your laser directly in the right spot, your pineal gland reacts accordingly and with proper treatment, becomes controllable. This also applies with your pituitary gland.

Will I enhance my psychic abilities, clairvoyance, out of body experiences, lucid dreaming, astral travel and intuition with gem lasers?

Such activation can be done by Tachyon concentration. That is what makes the Gem Laser system a cut above the rest.

What are the benefits of acupuncture?

By triggering acupoints and meridians in your body that stimulate the nervous system, your body releases its natural healing abilities. People through the years attribute acupuncture as a very effective therapy that helps them in general. Watch the d

What are the benefits of cold laser therapy?

Cold laser therapy, as a replacement for traditional acupuncture, works pretty much like it but is non-invasive and more effective. Using Tachyon energy in this cold laser therapy, makes the effects better and generates no heat so there’s no pain or

What is the benefits of the different colored lasers?

Our Gem Laser System has three light color emissions: blue, red, or green. Use the blue light for energy purposes: to feel more alert and improve reaction time, focus, and productivity. Use the red light for recovery purposes: to wind down, boost str

Do these come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee?

Our Gem Laser 2 system comes with a 30-day guarantee. Click on this link for more details and specific guidelines about our guarantees.

What's the pineal gland frequency?

Please go here Pineal Gland Activation (Third Eye Awakening)Please go here Third Eye Opening - Activate Pineal Gland+

Do these come with a warranty?

Yes, it comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty against defects.

What are the Laser Classification?

The Gem Lasers are Class 3 Lasers and are 21 CFR compliant.