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Can I connect the Qi Coils™ directly to my phone, tablet or computer without the power kits?Updated 2 years ago

Depending on the make and model of your phone, the Qi Coils™ may or may not function properly if connected directly to your phone.  Often we find that the phones automatically stop playing after a minute of use.

That's why most of our Qi Coil™ systems include mobile power kits or power kits.  Power kits are compatible with all devices and provide reliable operation of Qi Coils™.

If you have tested that the Qi Coil™ does work with your particular device without issues, then you are welcome to continue using them that way, however, we still recommend using at least a mobile power kit in tandem with your phone/tablet/computer and qi coil because it increases the power and range of the Qi Coils™.

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