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Do some people feel the energy from Qi Coils faster than others?Updated 2 years ago

Yes.  Research shows that people have different levels of "energetic sensitivity". 

The group that feels it less or not all tends to need our systems the most.

They have more energetic blockages or "hardening" of their acupuncture points and meridians than the other group.

The group that feels it instantly are people who already have healthy habits, practice energy healing or "activated/opened "acupuncture points, and meridians with higher electrical conductivity.

If you have been using Qi Coils for a month or two and need to feel the effects more, don't give up, it took David Wong 10 years to get it right, and he never gave up.

You just have to get it to work for you once.

Once it works, it works forever.

If you are using our devices and are having difficulty "feeling" the effects, make sure to also read the FAQ:

"How will I know if Qi Coils are having an effect? How will I know it's working, if I don't feel it immediately?"

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