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How do I know if the energy from the Devices are too strong or not strong enough?Updated 2 years ago

If you are experiencing nausea, dizziness or mild discomfort while using the devices, you may be using them for too long, too often, at a power setting / volume that is too high or all of the above.

Also, if you are experiencing detox effects ("healing crisis") such as fatigue.  You should reduce the power, duration and/or number of times you use the device.  Or you may want to only use the frequencies as a sound, without using the device, until you feel you are ready to continue.

If your devices are properly setup and functioning normally, and you are using the devices at maximum power and have followed the protocol with several different frequencies for 21 days (It's best to use less than 10 different frequencies within a certain period, so that your body has time to saturate itself with each one, using too many different frequencies too quickly will not allow each frequency to deeply saturate yourself.  To Learn more about this, read the FAQ "How to choose the best frequencies for you" above), and still do not experience any effects (this is a rare occurrence!).  Then you may need a higher powered amplifier and/or a more powerful device like a larger Qi Coil, an Aura Coil or Resonant Wand.  Please talk to our support team for consultation or to arrange an exchange / upgrade.

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