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How do I set up the Qi Coils? Should I follow the setup video?Updated 4 months ago

You can easily set up your Qi Coil System by following the guide here.

Alternatively, choose your system for the PDF download guide.

Qi Coil Mini Single: https://qicoil.com/qsg/qi-coil-mini-single-quick-start-guide-V1.0.pdf

Qi Coil Mini Twin: https://qicoil.com/qsg/qi-coil-mini-twin-quick-start-guide-V1.0.pdf

Qi Coil 3s: https://qicoil.com/qsg/qi-coil-3s-quick-start-guide-V1.0.pdf

Qi Coil Max: https://qicoil.com/qsg/qi-coil-max-quick-start-guide-V1.0.pdf

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