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How Long Should I Use the Qi Coils Each Day? Can I Use Them Too Much?Updated 10 months ago

It is generally recommended to start with a 30-minute daily usage of Qi Coils at a high volume setting, although sensitivity varies from person to person. The "dosage" of energy delivered depends on both the volume setting and the duration of use. 

Additionally, each frequency may have different effects on individuals, and various Qi Coil systems have varying power levels. It's advisable to begin with 30 minutes and gradually increase both the duration and power setting as needed, depending on your comfort level. If you experience Herxheimer (detox/healing crisis) effect symptoms (flu-like reactions) or any discomfort, it may indicate that you are using the coils too intensely, and in such cases, it's recommended to lower the setting. While using Qi coils 24/7 is possible, it's advised to maintain a lower power setting for extended use to ensure comfort and well-being.

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