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How to Connect Your Qi Coil Max to Your Resonant Power Kit and Console via RCAUpdated 2 years ago

Part 1: Connect Qicoil Max to Resonant Power Kit

  1. Connect Qi Coil Max to Resonant Power Kit with an auxiliary cable.

  2. Connect the other end of the cable to the Banana Plugs

  3. Plug the Red Audio Jack to the red post and the black Audio jack to the black post.

  4. Connect the Power Cable to the Amplifier and to a power outlet.

  5. Turn your Wireless Powerkit ON , press the “Power” button..(Red Light Indicator should light up)

Part 2: Connecting Resonant Console to Resonant Power Kit

  1. Connect the RCA Cable to the Console headphone port.

  2. Connect the other end of the cable to the RCA Input Channels at the back of the amplifier. (White Cable jack goes to white channel, Red Jack goes to Red Channel)  

  3. Open the Resonant Console app

  4. Play the testing frequency

  5. Turn up the volume on your Console to maximum

  6. Turn up the volume on Power Kit to maximum

Part 3: Test Qi Coil Max for magnetic field

Step 3a: Hold the Gold Magnet close to the Qi Coil Max to test for magnet movement.

Step 3b hold the small cylinder magnet near the wand to feel the vibrations in your hand

Once the magnet test is successful, your Qi Coil system is ready to go!

Note: Not all frequencies will move the magnet, only the TEST frequency and some lower frequencies will move the magnet.  The Qi Coils are still working even if you don't feel/see the magnet move for some (higher) frequencies.

For normal operation, do not turn the volume knob pass the 3 o’clock position (75%) to avoid overheating.

Still Not Working? 

Repeat the steps above and make sure cables are properly connected, volumes are turned up and amplifier and console power is turned on, and test frequency is playing.

Magnet Not Moving?

Watch this Troubleshooting Guide

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