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How to troubleshoot Your Qi Coil , Resonant Wand or Aura Coil SystemUpdated 2 years ago

Watch each step carefully

Pause the video to make sure you have performed the step before continuing to the next step

Step 1. Re-Connect Qi Coil to Power Kit

Re-connect all cables, make sure to hear “click” sound when connecting the cables

  • For High Power Kit 
    • Bare wires should be clamped, avoid clamping the outer sheath
    • Slightly pull the wire to check if connection is secure

Step 2. Re-Connect Power Kit to Phone/Computer or Resonant Console

Re-connect all cables, make sure to hear click sound when connecting the cables

Step 3.  If You Are Using Bluetooth Connection…

  • Pair your device via bluetooth
  • Go to your device’s bluetooth setting
  • Make sure your device is on
  • Pair to “Qi Coil Mobile” or "Qi Coil High Power" or “Resonant Power System” by selecting the icon with the headset,
  • It should say “Connected as audio device”

Step 4.  Important Setting for Wireless Power Kit

  • For Bluetooth wireless connection - Set to BT
  • For Wired connection - Set to AUX

Step  5. Set Volume to Maximum on Your Device

Step 6.  Set Volume to Maximum on Your Power Kit

Step 7. Check if the Power Kit Is Charged or Plugged into Power Outlet

  • Look for red light beside the volume knob (MPK/WPK /HPK/HPK2/RPK)
  • If charging, look for red light beside charging port (MPK/WPK )

8. Make Sure to Play The Test Frequency

  • On Resonant Console . Go to ALBUMS. QUANTUM. MASTER. Device Test Frequency.
  • On Web App. QUANTUM. MASTER. Device Test Frequency.

9. Place the Magnet at the Center of the Coil

  • Ball Magnet
    • Place the magnet jar ON TOP of the center of the coil
  • Gold Therapeutic Magnet 
    • Hover the magnet at the center of the coil, barely touching the coil

10.  Level the Magnet Jar to Allow the Ball to Move Around

  • Place coil on a flat sturdy surface for the magnet to freely move during the test


Watch the detailed connection tutorials for each power kit here


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