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Since using Qi Coils, a some old emotional traumas and negative energy has been surfaced. What's happening and what do I do?Updated 2 years ago

  • From our experience, our technologies not only detox your body, they also detox your mind and spirit.
  • If there are deep, buried emotional blockages, pain, traumas, or negative energy, they may be loosened up and brought to the surface of your awareness.
  • If this is happening, congratulations!  You should realize that this is amazing progress and you just took a huge step in your transformation.
  • Just breathe and relax and continue forward.
  • Take a break and don't do anything strenuous at this point.
  • And it would be prudent to spend time by yourself as your negative energy is cleared out from you.
  • The Qi Coil and frequencies will start cleaning away your blockages, and you will feel like a new person once the process is over.
  • We suggest the "Remove Negative Energy" frequency and the "Heart Energizer" frequency to assist in this process.
  • However, if the emotions you are experiencing are unbearable, stop the session and try again later or another day once you have settled down.
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