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What are some other creative ways of using Qi Life Products?Updated a year ago

Some ideas for using the devices:

While taking a bath (But do not put in the water)

While going for a walk, place it in a pouch or pocket

While meditating, place it in front of you

While you sleep, place it under your bed, or on a nightstand

While you are taking a nap

While watching TV 

During your next spa session

Use it on your water and food to restructure and enhance it for 5 minutes before consumption

Place it near your pet's or animals sleeping area

Use it to help someone in need

Use it to  send positive energy to someone remotely

Lend it to a friend who needs help

Make a video with it sharing your experiences

Document your experiences with it and share it on social media

Start a holistic wellness business with it

Impress your friends with the magnets vibrations

Help your parents or the elderly with it

Use it when you study

Use it before, during or after competitive sports

Use if when you need creativity, or problem solving

Use it while dancing

Use it during yoga, pilates or tai chi

Use it during spiritual gatherings

Use it to manifest anything you want

Use it to amplify your manifesting power

Use it for feng shui and remove abundance blocks in your home or anywhere

Use it for fitness 

Use it for beauty and anti-aging

Use it to get energized

Use it to explore your subconscious

Use it to enhance qi gong and energy healing, reiki

Use it to enhance intuition, psychic abilities, telepathy, clairvoyance, astral travel

Use it to make your dreams more vivid, experience lucid dreaming

Use it to open your third eye, decalcify your pineal gland or pituitary gland, and experience spiritual awakening


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