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What are Meditation Frequencies?Updated 2 years ago

Meditation frequencies are said to be like food for your body, mind, and spirit.

Just like how you drink water or eat food to fulfill your body's need for nourishment, meditation frequencies can feed it as well.

So to answer the question, "How long should you use it for?" Use Qi Coils as long as you feel you need them.

For example, if you need to feel more energy, use it until you feel you have the energy you need. 

With that said, here are some specific guidelines.

Audio vs Electromagnetic:

Without device (audio) - headphones ok but speakers are better

With device - silent delivery as magnetic energy

Passive vs Active:

Passive (in the background, doing anything, while listening to other music)

Active (during meditation, or healing practice, in a relaxed, dim-lit environment, free from distraction)

The more open and calm you are, the more effective the frequencies will be for you

On the other hand, many people experience benefits from frequencies without active meditation

For Best Results, Recommended Protocols

Break-in period (first 7 days)

med-high volume

30 - 60 min per day

Normal use:

med-high volume

30 min - 3 hours per session

2 sessions per day, with a minimum 1-hour break in between

Longer use:

low-med volume

up to 8 hours

Different types of frequencies

Rife - quantum - normal use

Higher Quantum / Inner Circle Frequencies - extremely powerful, less use is needed


Use no more than 4 days per week.

Use no more than 4 different frequencies per day, using more than 4 will dilute the effect of each frequency.

Pro Tips

STOP playing the frequencies when your body-mind signals you that it is “full” or saturated.

Your body only needs so much, and after some time of using the frequencies, it will be "full" or saturated.

You may feel good while using the frequencies, and then come to a point when you start to feel slight discomfort. Continue for at least 5 minutes, if this persists, stop and take a break from the frequency. Any frequency used non-stop for too long can produce this sort of discomfort.  

If you overuse a frequency, it would be the same as drinking too much water or eating too much food, you might experience minor, yet undesirable effects. (like nausea or dizziness, see "healing crisis")


Drink water before and after

Chances are for those who start feeling unusually thirsty more frequently than they are used to probably need to take a break from playing the sounds and take a rest.


People react differently to the frequencies

It is possible that if the frequencies are working for you there could be some mild disturbance as internal negative energies become dislodged, such as mild melancholy or sadness, but after some time, these will be replaced with relief and lighter, happier feelings.


Possible effects

You really enjoy the frequencies but after 30 minutes, you feel you've had enough

You start off finding the frequency unpleasant or jarring, but after five minutes, you start resonating with the frequency and it feels pleasant and enjoyable and you receive positive results

You find the frequency unpleasant from the start, after 10 minutes, you still find the frequency unpleasant.  At this point, I would recommend turning it off and taking a break.  Your body probably doesn't need this frequency at this time. Perhaps try the frequency another day or try a different frequency.

Experiment and have fun

Try different frequencies at first to see which ones feel the most important to you and use those ones initially and create your playlists on your Qi Coil app or resonant console and share with others.

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