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What is the benefits of each gem? Why do I need all the gems?Updated 2 years ago

All the gems have a specific function that would benefit you:

  • The ruby gem cap is used to shield against negative energy, psychic attacks, and energy drain. It also Strengthens your courage, joy, and leadership skills;
  • The quartz gem cap is used to improve your memory, concentration, psychic ability, and to harmonize your immune system and chakras;
  • The sapphire gem cap is used to encourage meditation, protect yourself against negative energy and promote calmness;
  • The rainbow topaz gem cap is used to bring about safety and self-reliance, remove confusion and negativity from your mind, and to encourage creative problem solving;
  • The amethyst gem cap is used to balance out your nervous system, nightmares, insomnia, and your crown chakra;
  • The citrine gem cap is used to stimulate the brain, promote motivation, and encourage your self-expression;
  • The aquamarine gem cap is used to calm and soothe, inspire truth, trust, and letting go;
  • Finally, the peridot gem cap is used to alleviate jealousy, resentment, irritation, and greed, reduce your stress, anger, and guilt.
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