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What is the electromagnetic field strength of Qi Coils™?Updated 2 years ago

*Estimated peak levels only. Actual field strength will vary with mobile device, power settings and measuring equipment.

  • Mobile Power Kit @ max power / hi gain 20 Hz
  • High Power Kit @ 50% power (maximum recommended setting)
Qi Coil™

Mobile Power Kit

High Power Kit

Qi Coil™ 3300 microtesla [µT] / 3000 milligauss (mG)1750 microtesla [µT] / 17.5 gauss (G)
Qi Coil™ 2270 microtesla [µT] / 2700 milligauss (mG)1575 microtesla [µT] / 15.8 gauss (G)
Qi Coil™ Mini220 microtesla [µT] / 2200 milligauss (mG)1260 microtesla [µT] / 12.6 gauss (G)
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