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What is the purpose of the gold magnet and magnet ball? How should I test my Qi Coil System?Updated 10 months ago

The magnets serve specific purposes in enhancing the effects of the Qi Coils:

  • Gold Therapeutic Magnet - the gold therapeutic magnet can be used to both feel the vibrations of the energy emitted by the Qi coils and to confirm that the coils are indeed outputting magnetic energy. Additionally, it serves as a tool for therapeutic vibration therapy, providing tactile feedback during Qi Coil sessions.
  • Magnet Ball in the Jar - the small magnet ball inside the jar is primarily for visual observation. It allows users to physically see the effects of the magnetic energy generated by the coils as the ball jiggles inside the jar. However, the small magnet ball does not serve a therapeutic purpose in the same way as the gold therapeutic magnet.

It's important to note that not all frequencies will cause the gold magnet to vibrate or move the small magnet ball. To observe these physical effects, it's recommended to use the test frequency of 33.3Hz. Higher frequencies may have minimal or no noticeable physical effects, but they are still broadcasting energy, which can be measured using an EMF meter.

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