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Where should I place the Qi Coils for optimal results?Updated 10 months ago

You can place the Qi coils on any body part you feel requires therapy or an energy boost, as well as on chakra points for holistic wellness. However, it's important to note that because each qi coil has a broadcasting range, you don't necessarily have to touch them to receive the energy. For more detailed placement information and advanced configurations, we recommend watching our instructional video on Yin and Yang Qi Coil placements, which offers valuable insights into maximizing your Qi Coil experience. 

You can also place it near your body (in a bag, purse, pocket or belt clip), or away from you (on a desk, a night stand, under your bed, under your seat) - approx 3 feet away from your center of mass.
It's also best to line the qi coil up with your spine. (directly in front or behind you), and k
eep it at least 1 feet away from your head.

It's also not recommended to use while driving.

Placement options:

  • Place them on your stomach
  • Place them on an area that needs energy
  • Set them on a surface near you
  • Place them in a bag or pocket
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