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How Can I Use Qi Coils to Energize Water and Food?

Qi Coils can be used to energize water and food by placing the items near the coils during operation. This process is believed to enhance the vitality of the substances. When it comes to water, in addition to energizing, Qi Coils are also known to ha

Can Qi Coils be used with animals?

Certainly, Qi Coils are suitable for use with animals as well. Numerous pet owners and animal lovers have shared favorable outcomes when utilizing Qi Coils on their pets. Similar to their effects on humans, Qi Coils have the potential to induce relax

Can I Use the Qi Coils Without Plugging Them In?

While the primary function of the Qi Coils is to broadcast magnetic energy when connected to Qi Coil power kits and Resonant Consoles or mobile devices, some individuals find therapeutic benefits in simply holding or gazing at the coils. This is beca

What are the gold wires (Qi Coil 3S/MAX/Aura Coils) made of?

The gold wires used in Qi Coils are made of gold enameled copper.

What are the toroids Qi Coil bodies made of?

The bodies of Qi Coil Mini Systems are made on black composite, and Qi Coil 3S/MAX Systems are made of medical-grade crystalline orgone.

What is the difference between YIN and YANG coils?

Yin and Yang coils differ in winding direction, and their effects or sensations can vary depending on their configuration relative to your body. To learn more about their specific applications, watch advanced tutorials here.