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Are Qi Coils™ Safe?

Yes. When magnetic fields reach the body, they generate very small currents. Since the brain and the body itself use electricity to send and receive signals to and from other parts of the body, this process is not unnatural for the body. Qi Coils™ ar

How soon will I receive my order?

You should receive your Qi Coil™ system 5-14 days after your order is placed (Not guaranteed and is subject to change without prior notice).  Resonant Wands are currently Back Ordered and estimate Turn Around time is 4-6 weeks (Not guaranteed and is

Is PEMF therapy scientifically proven?

Yes, there are thousands of scientific studies that prove pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has many benefits to humans. You can read about them click here

How Often Can I Use Qi Coils™?

Generally speaking, it is impossible to overuse magnetic stimulation. However, some people are more sensitive to this therapy than others. We recommend that all users follow the recommended time for each stimulation mode.

When should I use it?

Use it whenever you feel you need it. If you need an energy boost, need to focus, or need to relax and sleep. The Qi Coil™ app offers many different programs for different needs so use them to enhance your performance at work, school, home, exercise,

Can I use it while I sleep?

Yes, just place it on a bedside table near you while you sleep. We do not recommend it to be on your body while you sleep as the cables may get tangled and come loose. Make sure that only the Qi Coil™ frequencies are being played and that you turn of

Will I Feel Pain During Stimulation with Qi Coils™?

You should not feel any pain when using the Qi Coils™. Many people experience feelings of well-being and relaxation when stimulated.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Most of the side effects can be reduced with a change in diet - shorter and less frequent use. Consult your doctor if you notice any side effects or if you are concerned about experiencing them due to your medical condition.

How does it work?

It uses unique, powerful, harmonic sounds that are programmed in our Qi Coil™ app, that are converted into an electromagnetic field to tune your body for health and wellness.

What Can I Do to Maximize the Effects of Using Qi Coils™?

Besides using the device as recommended, you can also follow a magnesium-rich diet and drink enough water.

How Do I Use Qi Coils™?

Just connect the Qi Coils™, choose a frequency on the app and press play. Detailed instructions on how to use it can be found in the Quick Start Guide, which is included in the Qi Coil™ package, and in the Qi Coil™ app, available for free download fr

How Long Should the Stimulation Last for Any Chosen Program?

We are all different, so our body and mind react slightly differently to magnetic stimulation. Each user should follow the general guidelines and adapt their use to their needs if necessary. Each stimulation regimen has a recommended duration and fre

How will I know it’s working?

We are all different, so our body and mind react slightly differently to magnetic stimulation. Each user should follow the general guidelines and adapt their use to their needs if necessary. Each stimulation regimen has a recommended duration and fre

How soon will I feel the effects?

Some people feel it immediately, some people notice the effects after 3-4 weeks. People who are more active, such as athletes, yoga, tai chi, qi gong practitioners and meditators tend to feel the effects much faster than people who are less active or

How long do the effects last for?

With regular use, the effects may last indefinitely.

Does it need batteries?

No batteries are required.

What is the difference between YIN and YANG coils? (Clockwise vs Counter-Clockwise)

When stacked with alternating fields, it's possible to detect a slightly larger combined field than two identical coils would otherwise generate. Also, on an experiential note, the counter-clockwise coil produces a sense of expansion, opening, relaxa

Does it work for people who’ve never done this before?

Yes, many people who have never tried anything like the Qi Coil™ before have reported that they feel the effects immediately or over a period of 3-4 weeks.

How can I attract abundance or manifest my intentions with this?

Your biofield can be sensed by others (consciously or subconsciously) as your field interacts with someone else's. The frequencies on the qi coil app are specifically designed with mathematically harmonics from quantum numerical expressions such as F

What Is the Intensity of Qi Coils™?

At maximum power, Qi Coils™ can reach 15200 milliguass or 1520 microtesla at the surface of the coil. Qi Coils™ can produce one of the strongest magnetic fields in a compact device the size of your hand. These intensities are both safe to use and eff

How long will a Qi Coil™ last?

Qi Coils™ can typically last for years without any reduction in performance.

Do they come with warranty?

Yes, all coils come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty against workmanship and defects.  You can upgrade to 3-year accident protection and replacement warranty in our store.

What Can I Do If I’m Not Satisfied with the Product?

Results are sometimes visible after a few weeks of use, so keep using your Qi Coil™ system for a while if you're just starting out. If you're still not satisfied, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. See our return policy page.

Do you offer Financing?

Yes we do. We have partnered with Klarna to provide you flexible payments from no interest fees up to 36 months installment. Just select Klarna as your payment option on checkout.