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Functionality and Maintenance

How do I know if the Qi Coils are turned on and working?

See “What is the purpose of the gold magnet and magnet ball? How should I test my Qi Coil system?”.

How Long Does the Qi Coil's Power Kit Battery Last?

The battery life of the power kit typically ranges from 1 to 6 hours, depending on factors like the power setting, the frequency used, and the number of coils in use. To ensure uninterrupted usage, you have the option to keep the power kit plugged in

Is it safe to touch the Qi Coil?

Yes, it is safe to touch the Qi Coil. The wires are insulated and the voltage is low.

Can I play any frequencies with the Qi Coils?

Qi Coils are capable of playing a range of frequencies. However, we recommend using only frequencies from our Resonant Console tablet or Qi Life Web App.