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Long Term Use

Why Can't I Hear Anything When Using Qi Coils? Is There Any Sound or Light Associated with the Qi Coil? And What Is the Difference Between Sound Therapy and Magnetic Therapy?

No visible light is emitted from the Qi Coils during use, and they do not produce sound. However, if you wish to experience sound therapy in conjunction with magnetic energy therapy, you can use a splitter to combine the use of headphones or speakers

Does the Effectiveness of Qi Coils Diminish with Long-Term Use, or Do They Continue to Provide Consistent Benefits Over Time?

No, there is generally no diminishing return when using Qi coils long term. In fact, many users find that the longer they use Qi Coils, the more they benefit from them. Qi energy is believed to help raise the baseline of well-being with each use, gra

How Long Do the Effects of Using Qi Coils Last, and How Soon Can I Expect to Experience These Effects?

The duration of the effects and the time it takes to experience them with Qi Coils can vary from person to person and depend on individual factors and intended usage. While some users may instantly feel a sense of calmness or focus, others may requir

How can I sustain the effects of using Qi Coils?

To maintain the benefits of Qi Coil usage, adhere to the suggested guidelines for regular usage. Feel free to explore various settings to discover the most effective approach for your needs.