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Optimizing Your Meditation Experience: A Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Best FrequenciesUpdated 2 years ago

With the thousands of frequencies available in our collections, it may be overwhelming at first to choose the best ones for you.  So here is a simple guide to help you find the best frequencies for you.

Step 1 - Determine 1 or 2 results that you want to achieve.  eg.  You want better sleep or you want to address a problem you are experiencing.

Step 2 - Browse our frequencies on our website or on our apps to find a bundle, collection, or individual frequencies that are for that specific purpose.

eg.  Frequencies related to sleep.  Or frequencies for better mood etc.

Step 3 - Download, unlock or purchase those frequencies.

Step 4 - Play those one at a time and listen to the sound (without using a Qi Coil or Wand or other devices) for about 2 minutes and be aware of how you feel about it.

eg.  Do you like how it sounds?  Does it make you feel pleasant, relaxed, or energized or does it irritate you or it feels unpleasant?

(note: listen to each frequency for the full 2 minutes, sometimes what sounds annoying at first becomes more pleasant and helpful. However, if after 2 minutes, it still is not pleasant, then that frequency might not be what you need.)

Step 5 - Make a shortlist of 1-3 frequencies that you feel like you enjoy the most listening to.  (You can add them to your "favorites" in the app, or create a playlist with them)

Step 6 - Now play these frequencies for longer periods of time (from 5 min to 3 hours), and note what you experience when listening to them.

Sample notes:

How did you feel before you started playing the frequencies?
eg. Tired, stressed, anxious, restless, sleepless, heartbroken, depressed, pain, fatigued, unmotivated, lethargic, unfocused, distracted, confused, negative, etc.

How did you feel during and after you played the frequencies?

eg. motivated, energized, tired, calm, relaxed, clear, focused, powerful, optimistic, open, warm, happy, carefree, confident, abundant, etc.

What thoughts did you have?
eg.  ideas, visualizations, dreams, answers, insight, memories, no thoughts, emptiness, etc.

What physical sensations did you have?
eg. Tingling, electric, numbness, heat, cool, tensing, relaxation, centering, expansion, filling, emptying, heavy, light, etc.

Where did you feel these sensations?
eg. chest, forehead, temples, gut, fingertips, palms, ears, one of your chakras, etc.

Step 7.  Now plug in a device (Qi Coil, Resonant Wand, Aura Coil, Staff of Legends) to broadcast your favorite frequencies and repeat step 6.

By going through this process, you will familiarize yourself with the effects that the frequencies have on you.  So that you have a benchmark to compare your subsequent experiences with additional new frequencies.

Important Tip:  Resist the urge to try too many different frequencies for different purposes within a short period of time, this may not allow you enough time to determine what works and what doesn't.

It is recommended to choose 1-3 frequencies that you enjoy best for the following purposes:

1 - 1-3 frequencies to help you start your day in the morning (eg. abundance, brain)

2 - 1-3 frequencies to play during your workday (eg. focus, clarity)

3 - 1-3 frequencies to help you sleep at night (eg. sleep)

4 - 1-3 frequencies to help you relieve stress and anxiety (eg. luck, mood)
5 - 1-3 frequencies to help alleviate discomfort (eg. wellness)
6 - 1-3 frequencies for enhanced meditation (eg. abundance, spiritual, meditation)

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