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How To Use Meditation Frequencies

How do meditation frequencies work?

It uses unique, powerful, harmonic sounds and sequences that are programmed in our Qi Coil app, that can be converted into an electromagnetic field to tune your mind and body for wellness. Audio signals (sound) can trigger electromagnetic signals int

Understanding the Power of Meditation Frequencies: A Beginner's Guide

Meditation frequencies are said to be like food for your body, mind, and spirit. Just like how you drink water or eat food to fulfill your body's need for nourishment, meditation frequencies can feed it as well. So to answer the question, "How long s

Optimizing Your Meditation Experience: A Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Best Frequencies

With the thousands of frequencies available in our collections, it may be overwhelming at first to choose the best ones for you.  So here is a simple guide to help you find the best frequencies for you. Step 1 - Determine 1 or 2 results that you want

Basic Frequencies Guide

The sound of “AUM”, life force, and heart. Prevent heart problems and boosts heart chakraPrevent your DNA from degeneratingPurify your polluted water supplyRestructure poisonous GMO foods. Don't want to be poisoned by GMO's?Very Good For Heart. Tunes

Recommended Programs/Playlist

I used a frequency for a few weeks and they worked amazingly, but lately they didn't have as much effect, why?

After some time of using a frequency, you become saturated with that frequency.  It's like you are a sponge and you have soaked up that frequency to the maximum level. Simply use another frequency for a few days, it could even be a different frequenc