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Resonant Console Quick Start Guide

Get started on your meditation journey with our easy-to-follow quick start guide for the Resonant Console. Learn how to set up and use the app to find and customize your meditation playlist. Discover the benefits of meditation and find inner peace.

How to Play Frequencies in Your Resonant Console App

1. Navigate to your desired frequency. 2. Tap the Play button or tap on the frequency itself to play the frequency. 3. By default, the repeat button is off. Tap on the repeat button to:. a. Repeat the current frequency. b. Repeat all frequencies in t

How to Create a Playlist

1. Go to Programs. 2. Tap Create New. 3. Enter your preferred playlist name then tap OK. 4. Go back to Albums and open your desired frequency. 5. Tap the 3 dots beside the frequency. 6. Select Add to program. 7. Select your playlist

How to Update Your Resonant Console App

1. Make sure that you connect to wi-fi regularly for your app to update automatically. 2. If it doesn't update, you may reach out to support to get the latest app file version and instructions.

Forgot/Reset Password

If you forgot or would like to reset your password, you may contact us here.

Frequency Access

If you purchased frequencies from our website and would like to have it unlocked in your Resonant Console app, please contact us here.

Having issues with the app

If it still doesn't work, please contact us here for further assistance.